Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CMMI Companies in Pakistan


These are the companies, financed by the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB). This list is not complete as there are some other companies which have been appraiased without any government initiative or financial support, however data is being gathered for such companies, at the moment, only one company could be found yet that is -
Technosoft Solutions private limited - CMMI Level 2 - http://www.techno-soft.com/.

1 NetSol Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.             CMMI Level 5

2 NCR Pakistan                                       CMM Level 5

3 Kalsoft (Pvt.) Ltd.                                 CMMI Level 3

4 Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.                                CMMI Level 3

5 Digital Processing Systems                     CMMI Level 3

6 ZTE Pakistan, Software R & D Center   CMMI Level 2

7 Eworx Intl (Pvt.) Ltd.                             CMMI Level 2

8 Techlogix Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.                CMMI Level 2

9 Si3 - System Innovations (Pvt.) Ltd.      CMMI Level 2

10 Abacus Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd.              CMMI Level 2

11 Descon Information Systems                CMMI Level 2

12 E-Dev Technologies                            CMMI Level 2

13 Prosol Technologies                            CMMI Level 2

14 Avanza Solutions                                 CMMI Level 2

15 Shaukat Khanum Cancer Research Hospital (IT DIV)   CMMI Level 2

16 Geopaq Technologies                          CMMI Level 2

17 Advanced Computing and Engineering Solutions CMMI Level 2

18 NADRA                                             CMMI Level 2

19 Technosoft Solutions (Pvt) Ltd            CMMI Level 2

20 Prislogix CMMI Level 2

21 CARE (Center for Advanced Research in Engineering) Pvt. Ltd. CMMI Level 2


  1. Thanks..can you post the updated list of 2012?

  2. Thanks on the behalf of Technosoft Solutions private limited. contact us if interested in SCAMPI A Re-Appraisal

  3. It does not seem like an updated list. For example Interactive Convergence is missing, they are at Maturity level 3. Can we come with an updated list of CMMI companies in Pakistan. Reply if anyone is interested.

    1. I want to know how many companies currently follow CMM in pakistan irrespective of their level. Please let me know if possible.
      my email id: imrannsajad@gmail.com

  4. I want to know how many companies currently follow CMM in pakistan irrespective of their level. Please let me know if possible.
    my email is kirange11@yahoo.com

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